Large Firewood Tote pictured
with Arctic Silver trim.

Premium quality firewood totes are made to last.
Stain resistant, washable, and rot-proof bags fold flat for compact storage. American-made black super-durable corded poly fabric. Better than cotton. Double-stitched trim and handles for years of practical use. Made by Condar in North Carolina, USA.

Ideal for firewood, gardening, fruit and vegetable harvest, beachwear, picnics, auto trunk organizing, shopping, recycling,
and more.

For added versatility, firewood totes are offered in two sizes:

LARGE available in black fabric with choice of
Classic Khaki, Arctic Silver, or Firehouse Red trim.


STANDARD available in black fabric with choice of
Classic Khaki
, Arctic Silver, Sunburst Yellow
or Aquamarine trim.

Personalize your TuffDuck Firewood Tote with a custom emblem!