If you think Made in USA is important, we hope you'll support American industry by purchasing TuffDuck ™ products.

We employ experienced United States workers. Pay hourly wages -- no piece-work -- and full benefits. And we emphasize quality, not through-put.

Our products are well-designed to give you the best. If the design takes extra fabric to make the pockets roomier, or the apron a little wider or longer, so be it.

We double-stitch where it helps to make TuffDuck last longer. That's why you see more evidence of time-consuming sewing work, when you closely examine our workmanship.

Our approach actually helps the environment, too. These days it's not uncommon to ship fabric long distances from where it's made to workshops in distant places. Sometimes the country where it's cut is different from the country where it's sewn! And then thousands of miles to a USA warehouse for distribution. All these costs of shipping, and impacts on the environment from transport emissions, are minimized with Condar's system.

And there's another plus. We make in small lots, so we can respond to modest orders nimbly. Our minimum quantities for special orders are low, and our turn-around times for orders are quick and predictable.