TuffDuck™ FABRIC

Pictures hardly do justice to the remarkable black fabric we use to make TuffDuck™ products. It's constructed of super-durable corded polyester fabric, made-to-order for us in a USA mill. Nothing else compares to it for strength and long wear.

The beauty of our operations is the cutting and sewing. Our fabric is so tough it takes special equipment to cut, to seal the edges, and to sew. Not like cotton canvas or like nylon! Ordinary workshops aren't equipped to work with this kind of polyester.

The benefits are worth it. A TuffDuck bag or apron is like an investment. You pay more up-front for the quality, but you get more utility -- and many years of use.

TuffDuck fabric repels moisture and therefore is stain resistant. Rot-proof. Better than the heaviest cotton canvas or nylon for durability. Blast it with a garden hose and feel free to take a scrub brush to it!

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